Most people who don’t run or are against running will instantly tell you that running is bad for the knees. We are sure you must have heard this argument at some point in your life, or you have at least said so to people who have asked you to run. The truth of the matter is that most gym buffs and athletes will tell you otherwise saying that running doesn’t really affect the knees. But the truth of the matter is both sides have validity, but the valid points are never made. It is true that the knees of people, who run and don’t run, don’t really have much of a difference but the devil is in the details.

Running is one of the best forms of full body workout there is; it focuses on both cardio and core development. It is time to talk about the risks of running; women are the ones who are affected by running more than men. We are not sexist or anything, we are just trying to outlay the facts. Women have an imbalance when it comes to the ratio of quadriceps and hamstring strength; the ratio in the strength of these two muscular structures is important to a number of body functions. Running tends to put a load on this ratio, making the fairer sex about four times more likely to sustain ACL injuries due to overexertion. So if you know a friend who is a woman who does a lot of jogging or if you have just joined the gym to run and burn those calories, it is time to start taking precautions.


Running is only harmful to you if you let it be. To enhance your overall experience and to improve how much you gain from running, you need to strengthen your muscles. So if you have joined the gym and you have not requested for a trainer then indulge in a full body workout at least three days of the week to ensure that your quadriceps and your hamstring are strong. The stronger they are, the less likely it is to sustain ACL injuries. So when the next time someone says running is bad for you, take a moment to pause and see whether you need to include full body workout techniques to improve your core strength before going for a long jog. In this digital age, it is easy to become prey to misconceptions and misinformation; so we recommend that you plan your fitness plan with an expert before starting things out.